LED Dimmer Switches

REIGN® Wall Mount LED Dimmer Switches are the stylish companion for Constant Voltage drivers to provide smooth dimming range, from 100% – 1%, with no flickering, humming, or jumping. They fit right into a standard wall light switch box for easy installation.  There are three attractive models: the Touch Dimmer, the Button Slide, and Full Slide. Each provides one-touch on/off control of LED lighting with memory that fades to off and smoothly fades on to the previous setting. The Button Slide features a compact slider and a Button on/off switch; the Full Slide features an easy-to-grip slider and an on/off toggle switch. The maximum load for REIGN LED dimmer switches is 100 watts.  Like our Inline Dimmer Switch, REIGN dimmers are low voltage dimmer switches that operate only with our standard 12V or 24V DC Constant Voltage Drivers and plug-in adapters.