Light Bulbs

Gladiator Lighting carries a large selection of different types of light bulbs for every need.  The light bulb types range from LED, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Linear Fluorescents, Compact Fluorescents, Halogens, and Incandescents.  If your looking for the best price from trusted brands, then you've come to the right online store for your lighting project needs.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs, especially LED light offers a compact and energy-saving solution for the lighting. Whether it is for a residential area or commercial purposes. Gladiator Lighting solutions offer compact new designs and types. They are fit for your location and offers multiple benefits:


We offer the best rates for LED bulbs to give customers an excellent experience. In respect of affordability, it is feasible for almost everyone to get the right design for the home, office or commercial use. 

Energy consumption

Our multiple collections offer an energy-saving solution to the customers. LED installation can help to protect the environment efficiently.  


Our products are made up of highly durable and strong material. That makes them effective to use for the long term. You can get the best manufacturing LED bulbs range right at Gladiator lighting.  

Here you can find the variety in the LED light bulb, compact fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent light ranges:    

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulb is an effective choice to illuminate the offices, homes and commercial areas. It offers the most compact solution to just save the money, just also energy. Moreover, from the other light bulb, it is 5 times more durable. It keeps the environment cool and saves energy consumption. You can save more than 70% after the installation of the LED light bulbs at your place. A wide variety available in design, shapes or colors makes it a more suitable choice to set the best interior.  

Compact Fluorescent

The compact fluorescent light bulb offers the best design and looks to make the interior outstanding. You can get the one to install at home, office or for the commercial places. it is suitable for the walkways and backyards to lighten up in the dark. For the cost, they are efficient and save much from the budget. Usually, the spiral shapes in the fluorescent light bulbs are common for the installation. Moreover, the reflectors are considered one for the lamps set in the living area or bedrooms.    

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes offer the next level impression with their shape. They consist of linear design, round shape or with U-bend. The linear shape usually used in commercial places, garage, in a home outside or inside, and the other design considered the elegant one that can improve the interior impression with the shape. Fluorescent tubes offer energy and cost-saving solution. As well as they are compact in the design that offers long term coverage.  


Halogen LED installation is best for commercial use. it can be installed at the plazas, office, commercial properties, at shops, etc. with its specific flood shape, it helps to lighten up more space than a regular light bulb. These bulbs offer a more sustainable life with an energy-saving solution. Halogen is used in commercial vehicles, as a spotlight and in different other household and commercial applications. It offers easy installation and replacement with long life to use and be sustainable.  

Metal Halide

Metal halide is compact for commercial sites like shops, plazas, offices, parking lots, garage, walkways and can be installed outside the home. It offers more lumen that makes it one of the best choices for security purposes. Multiple appliances are coming up with the installation of metal halide. Usually, the security lights have this installation that covers a large area with easy to replacement options. you can get the best brands metal halide right at the gladiators lighting.   

High-Pressure Sodium

High-pressure sodium is usually used in the Light bulbs to offer more lumen for better coverage. You can see these installations at the sites where the working required in the dark. In the commercial area like parking sites, garage, construction sites, and roads this light helps to enhance the surveillance and offers security coverage. High-pressure sodium is available with a wide variety of lighting options with different voltage. You can choose the one as per the preferences. 


Incandescent light bulbs are coming up in a wide variety and the most used option around the world. You can find them in different home or commercial applications. Just because of its shapes, design, and style it offers more executive solutions to lighten up and decorate the place together. In the past, the incandescent light bulbs are required most voltage to produce heat and it impacts the environment most. Now with new LEDs they make the same type of incandescent bulbs but with a different ambiance and energy savings. They are now saving the cost, energy and keep the atmosphere moderate. It is one of the demanding products that use for homes and for commercial uses like offices, shops, hotels, and many other places.


Finding the lighting solution is now never so easy. multiple options and variety make it more complicated. Now you have a variety of options for different purposes that make it versatile. You can get a different style, design or shape for the different installation purposes. So, if you are looking for the LED light bulbs or light bulbs then look around and find the best options.

When shopping at Gladiator Lighting you have options for the commercial, home, offices, hotels, school, and roadside bulbs installation choice. Find multiple brands product that is highly good in installation with easy to replacement.