LED Strip Lights

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These are commonly used for under cabinet lighting, lighting for railings, lighting for pathways, cove lighting and many other applications.  We offer these in many different colors temperatures (Kelvin) 2000K, 2400K, 2500K, 2700K, 2850K, 3000K, 3300K, 3500K, 3800K, 4200K, 4400K, 5000K, 6300K, Amber, Blue, Green and Red, so they can be used in many different lighting applications.  They are one of the best energy savings option on the market today if your looking to get better lighting, reduce your replacement costs, and save energy at the same time.

LED Strip Lights

LED strips lights are getting common among household use, commercial installation and multiple purposes. It offers the design, lighting solution and offering perfect ambiance setting. Usually, you can find one at the walkways, for the cabinets, in windows, doors, and multiple appliances. They offer the energy-saving option with the best interior design. In-office LED light strips are used to create an impressive ambiance. They are available in a wide range of colors, styles, lengths and different voltages.

Moreover, traditional lighting can offer more voltage that can make things complicated to manage. But where the elegance or style is required LED strips offer the compact solution.

With easy installation & replacement

LED light strips offer the lighting solution with the easy to install option. There is no need to go with any complicated electrical setting to install or replace the strip light. A person with a bit of knowledge can do it easily. this offers the perfect ambiance in the living room, studies and office by creating the ambiance. They are available with different voltage but did not offer the high voltage capacity. They are highly safe but minimum risk of any uncertainty. 

Best for indoor & outdoor use

LED strips light is commonly used indoor or outdoor to not just lighting but to offer the best design. You can install them in cabinets, walkways, in the ceiling or at outdoor places as well. they are safe and offer high protection with the design and voltage adjustment. It is one of an elegant lighting solution that covers more areas with a longer lifeline. 

Cost & energy efficient

LED is a compact and energy or cost-efficient option for the home, office, commercial sites and much more. They offer more with less energy consumption and offer more brightness. LED lights took less input and deliver high output. With respect to life, they can use the long term as compared to traditional lighting. 

More colors choices

In the LED strips light, you can have multiple color choices that make it ideal for the setting. Whether to go with the one plain color scheme to set the multiple layers as per the preferences. It is a good addition that offers the decorative layout of the place. You can have the white, red, green or blue for different ambiance. Usually, LED strips use at the gym, office, in a home for cabinets, under table lighting and for multiple other settings.       

Waterproof lighting solution

Moreover, white LED light strips are waterproof that makes it appropriate to install anywhere. At the swimming pool, outdoor decoration, waterfalls and many other decorations can be done with the easy installation. While making the underwater fitting it is important to consider the fixing by appropriately joining the open end to avoid the discomfort.  

Choose as per preferences 

LED strips offer a wide variety in the customization. You can have the things set according to the preferences. Whether it is about to choose the colors, setting, application, installation or removal. LED strips offer a wide option to choose the right one. If you want to set up your new working place and need a bit of modification in the style and impression. Then LED strips offer a perfect add-on to cover the things well. From the gladiator lighting, you can get LED strips with 12 & 24 volts, LED light flex sheets, LED neon lights and accessories that are required for the easy installation.   

LED light 12 & 24 volts

LED light strips are available with 12 and 24 volts offers the best compatibility with the easy installation. It is good to install in the cabinets, under table lighting, for pathways, underwater and for multiple other appliances. It is a cost-efficient, energy-saving and safe for almost every place.   

LED Strip Light Accessories

LED strips light accessories are available to make the life installation safer and secure. It can keep the light safe from the damage and enhance protection. At gladiator lighting, you can find the best lighting accessories that offer more durability and protection.   

LED Streamlite

LED stream lite offers the low light coverage a perfect addition for the spaces requires the highlighting. It offers a light stream that can illuminate the surface. This can be perfect for the flooring, ceiling and other areas that need to be highlighted with a low light beam.

LED Light Flex Sheets

LED light flex sheet offers coverage for decorative styles and illumination. This light can be as a background light which is used to make display impressive. It is a highly considerable lighting option for the advertisement or promotional display. At shops, stores and on billboards this offers a more transparent display. In cost it is cheap and it will stand long for the longer run. It offers more support and protection for cost and energy-saving options.

LED Neon Lighting

LED Neon lighting is perfect for ambiance and decorative styles. It is with zero diffusion technology available in multiple colors. Just with the fine color options and perfect light bean technology LED neon lights offers a great pattern. You can have the installation of such lights at the events, for the clubs or hotels that help to create an impressive ambiance.


At Gladiator Lighting, you can find multiple options in the LED strips light to make your personal or commercial space outstanding. Lighten up the homes, office or any other commercial space with the great interior and outer impression.