LED Drivers & Ballasts

LED Drivers,  HID Ballasts, Linear Fluorescent Ballasts, Compact Fluorescent Ballasts, and Low Voltage Transformers

Are you looking for a lighting ballast or LED driver?  We offer Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent, Emergency Ballasts and LED drivers at a great low price.  We offer a wide variety of brands so you can choose a brand your familiar with and trust for your lighting needs.

LED Drivers & Ballasts

Want to get the LED drivers & ballasts? Gladiator Lighting provides you a wide variety of LED drivers and ballasts for the best lighting solutions. Here you can found the HID ballasts, fluorescent ballasts, high sodium pressure ballasts, metal halide ballasts, emergency ballasts and LED drivers that offer quality at a great price. The available drivers are fully supported by many types of lighting applications and offer a cost-effective solution to upgrade any home or facilities.

With a wide variety of the ballasts and LED drivers, you can find the appropriate voltages drivers that complimented many applications with exceptional quality.       

LED Drivers

LED drivers are available in a wide variety and offer suitable coverage for all kinds of applications. They are used in many LED lighting solutions. LED driver output voltages commonly found are 12V and 24V output. You can choose the appropriate choice as per the preferences of the product.  We offer constant voltage drivers are well.

HID Ballasts

If you are looking for the HID ballasts, then you can find one which ballast is best for your application. Get the HID ballasts in metal halide, high sodium pressure, and low sodium pressure.  HID ballasts are made to work with a specific lamp type so before ordering one it is important to check the ANSI codes to ensure you are ordering the correct ballast to match the lamp.

Linear Fluorescent Ballasts

Linear fluorescent ballasts are perfect for commercial as well as residential needs. They are offered multiple brand's to cover your lighting needs. You can get high quality and cost-effective ballasts from the Gladiator Lighting.

Compact Fluorescent Ballasts

We have the complete range of compact fluorescent ballasts that comes into the budget. You can get CFL ballasts for 2 pin lamps as well as 4 pin lamps as well as other lamp configurations.    

Low Voltage Transformers

Voltage transformers are basically step-down transformers. Low voltage transformers are available for managing the voltage requirement. You can use the low voltage transformer to convert the 277 volts and 120 volts respectively. It brings them down up to a minimum of 12 volts or 24 volts. The voltage adjustment highly depends on the model number that you are using to adjust the high voltage with the lowest one specific for the lamp. We offer low voltage transformers for 60 watts, 75 watt, and 105 watts. The low voltage transformers are high quality and highly used for almost every low voltage application in your home or office.   

Circline Lamp Ballasts

Circline lamps are widely used for lighting in homes. If you are looking for the ballasts for the circline lamps, then we have the options. Gladiators Lighting offers almost every brand compatible ballast. No matter what is your budget almost every option is available that suits the variable budget. Get high-quality T5 & T9 circline lamps ballasts with low rates.

Fulham Workhorse Ballasts

Fulham workhorse have less SKU’s numbers because they can work with a variety of different lamp types. They are available with the 120-volt or 277-volt capacity.

How to make the selection for ballasts?

Choosing the right ballast or driver is a complicated thing and need to be well research. Many lamps will not operate without a ballast and many customers do not know this. Whether you are looking for a residential lighting solution or the commercial need. Gladiator Lighting offers cost-effective ballasts and drivers with long term life.

Check the LED lights, fixtures, etc. to find the operation ballasts suitable for its need. Manage the voltage or current with the low voltage transformers, get compact fluorescent or linear fluorescent ballasts, line voltage driver or LED drivers at the feasible rates with easy installation and replacement solution.  

Features of Drivers & Ballasts

LED drivers and ballasts are required to make to make your lights operate. It will help not just for the lighting but also for the appliances as well. while choosing the drivers for the residential or commercial use should look into some features.

Here are the effective drivers features, should help to be wise in selection:


LED Drivers and ballasts are a requirement for lighting. They have to be cost-effective and fit into everyone’s budget. Gladiator Lighting offers many options at affordable rates.

Energy saving

Only with the durable and high quality manufactured ballasts and LED drivers it is possible to save energy. You can find the most feasible energy-saving solutions at Gladiator Lighting.

Voltage management

With the low voltage transformers, it is quite easy to reduce the voltage from 277V or 120V down to 12V or 24V.  It regulates the voltage to operate your lamps correctly.

Installation & replacement

Only durable and high-quality drivers will save you time and keep your budget under control. At Gladiator Lighting, you can find the option with easy installation and replacement features.