Lamp Holders & Sockets

Lamp Holders and Light Bulb Sockets

We offer a very large selection of lampholders / sockets for all your lighting applications.  Choose from our large selection like CFL 2-pin, CFL 4-pin, Circline, GU24, Halogen, HID, Incandescent, Linear Fluorescent, Lamp Supports, Converters, Reducers, and Extenders.

Lamp Holders & Sockets

Gladiator lighting is the one perfect website to get lamp holders and sockets.  Whether you need the lamp holders or light bulb sockets for residential purposes or a commercial property, you can get the complete collection of most durable, economical lamps holders or light bulb sockets choices.  For the lamp holders and sockets, you can search and find the most durable quality.  Many are heat efficient and effective to use for the longer term. Get the right choice in respect to material, size, fixture spec requirements for office or commercial use.  Lamp holders and light bulb sockets are commonly installed in many different lighting applications.  If you want to upgrade or replace the lamp holders in the bedroom, living, study room or outside, then you can find the one right from our collection at  Get lighting sockets with many different configurations fitting many different types of lamps.  Gladiator Lighting offers a wide variety of the product.  You can get sockets for CFL 2-pin & 4-pin base, halogen, incandescent, HID, linear fluorescent, lamp supports, and converters.  All are available at an affordable price range.

CFL 2-pin Base

CFL 2-pin base offers a comprehensive light base for the light or bulb sockets that require 2-pins.  You can choose the one from the wide range of sockets.  They are affordable to cost and durable.

CFL 4-pin Base

If you are looking for the CFL 4-pin base.  Find the one option right at the  You can get a wide variety of sockets, so choose the one that suits you best.

G10q 4-pin Base

G10q 4-pin base is an appropriate choice for the light bulb sockets.  It offers full support to intact the right solution for the lighting.  This socket choice is perfect for residential or commercial needs.

GU24 Base

Most durable and advanced option as a lamp holder or the light bulb sockets.  This base is commonly found in residential or commercial applications.


Halogen bulb socket is quite easy to install and use, they are one of the most common sockets on the market.  They can even be used with the new LED market industry for many different lighting applications.


HID lamps holders are commonly used for high wattages and voltage applications.  Replace your metal halide, high-pressure sodium, low-pressure sodium lamp sockets with new replacements.  These are high quality and made to work with this types of lamps.


If you are looking for the socket’s installation for the incandescent lamp then here, you can get the multiple options to choose from.  Choose the light bulb socket with the plug or screw in base that you require for the application. Incandescent bulb sockets and holders offer the most sustainable approach with easy to install and replace properties.  Get full support or coverage with a cost-effective socket solution.

Linear Fluorescent

Are you needing linear fluorescent sockets?  Here you can find multiple options that fit your requirements.  These sockets are commonly used in fluorescent tube, and LED tube applications.  They are perfect for the home, office, hotels and other places. Find the exact one you need at

Lamp Supports

These lamp supports are highly compact in design and commonly use with many different types of lighting.  These supports help hold the lamp in place for specific applications that require these items.


Do you have a regular light bulb? Need to update your old lighting with new LED technology?  Get the converter that makes installation easy and quick from the traditional lighting to the LED light solution.  At Gladiator Lighting you can find the options to choose from.

Reducers & Extenders

Reducers and extenders offer adjustments to make lights fit into different lighting applications.  It offers a comprehensive advantage to make changes within the light bulb installation.  Adjust your lamps to fit the application without completely changing the socket out.


Other than multiple sockets and lamp holders, at Gladiator Lighting, you can find a few extra needed accessories for your sockets.


Gladiator lighting offers more variety for your lamp holders and sockets than the competition. the type of sockets depends on the type of applications, so we got you covered.  Our variety supports both commercial and residential applications. Getting the right socket is important so before buying one should review the specs and features to ensure it will work for your application.  You can find the best sockets or holders for the appliances.  If you want to get the cost-effective, durable and high-quality sockets or holders for your lighting, then Gladiator Lighting offers the best solution for your lighting needs.