Growers Choice GC630W3K01 630 Watt DE Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lamp 3000K


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Growers Choice GC630W3KCMH 630 Watt DE Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Lamp 3000K

Introducing the industry’s first Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp. Grower’s Choice DE CMH Lamp acts as a conversion Lamp for any Double Ended fixture, instantly converting it to a CMH fixture. Growers thinking about upgrading to CMH can simply use a Grower’s Choice CMH Lamp in their existing 1000W DE fixture. Grower’s Choice CMH Lamp offer a significant improvement in light output and spectral quality over traditional lighting sources.


  • Upgrades your standard DE fixture to an CMH fixture to instantly increase yield per watt
  • Produces more PAR per watt than HPS
  • Richest spectrum flowering lamp on the market with a CRI of 90
  • Optimal for flowering but can be used for Veg as well
  • Promotes higher rate of metabolic activity and resin production through the use of UV and Far-red spectra


  • CMH-630W/931/T32.5/DE/HO
  • SKU#: GC630W3K01

Performance Data:

  • Light Output (Lumens @ 100 Hours):  78500
  • Lumens per Watt (lm/w):  125
  • Rated Life (Hours @ 10 hour/start):  10000
  • Correlated Color Temperature (Kelvin):  3100
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) or (Ra):  90
  • Photon flux:  1200
  • Burning Position (HOR +/- 15 Degree)

Physical Data/Requirements:

  • Max.Base Temp (Celcius):  250
  • Max.Bulb Temp (Celcius):  700
  • Luminaire Type:  Open/Enclosed

Lamp Electrical Data/Requirements:

  • ANSI Standard Ballast:  /
  • Lamp Wattage (W):  630W
  • Lamp Operating Voltage (V):  200V
  • Lamp Operating Current (Amps):  3.0A
  • Min-Max Starting pulse (Peak KV): 5-6
  • Min.Open Circuit Voltage (RMS):  342V
  • Min.Pulse Width @ 4500(Microseconds:  1
  • Min.Pulse Rate per 1/2 Cycle:  1
  • Pulse position (Electrical Degrees):  60-90, 240-270
Manufacturer will not warranty this lamp if it is not used in a Growers Choice Fixture.
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