We offer lighting fixtures for both residential, and commercial applications.  The main style of lighting fixtures we offer are LED's.  We know that if your going to invest in new lighting fixtures then you should be thinking about LED to save energy, money, and increase the life expectancy of the fixtures.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures with high quality are durable and offer long term benefits. They are compact in sizes and available in different shapes, sizes for home, offices, and commercial places as well. you can save costs and reduce energy consumption with LED lighting fixtures.

LED Wall Pack Fixtures

If you are looking for the fixtures for outside placement, then LED wall pack fixtures are the compact choice. It can be placed in the parking area, streets, back yards and offer great coverage. 

LED Flood Light Fixtures

LED flood light fixtures are designed with durable material choice. It offers safety and protection to your LED lighting in flood or other severe weather conditions. With flood light fixture you can increase the life of your LED light and save cost.

LED Shoebox/Cobra Fixtures

LED shoebox/cobra fixture is a suitable choice for commercial lighting. It offers protection and support to street lights and lights usually install at the parking sites. With equal light distribution, you can illuminate more area.

LED High Bay Fixtures

Need to install a light in the home parking, garage or the backyard. Then go with the LED high bay fixtures choice. It offers a high range with a suitable design that can hang on with the ceiling or can easily be fixed.  

LED Flat Panels

LED flat panels are usually used at the commercial places, it offers light diffusion and can help to maintain temperature. Get the one for the office, commercial setting, for warehouse and institutions. These flat panels are easy to adjust in the ceiling with easy installation.    

LED Troffer Fixtures

Make your office or commercial building more attractive with the LED troffer fixtures. It is a perfect add-on for the shops, buildings, and offices with easy to install properties. 

LED Linear Fixtures

LED linear fixtures offer a more elegant outlook if installed in the conference rooms, lobbies or corridors. It is an appropriate choice for the sports room like a snooker club or a tennis court. Save the energy with long term LED light benefits. 

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are easy to install and look great with the perfect fitting in the ceiling. It can be the choice for the garage, backyards, or the kitchen as well. These fixtures offer compact styling and high-quality ambiance.

Fluorescent & LED Sign Lights

If you are looking for the best commercial fixtures, then fluorescent & LED sign lights are best. They are easy to install and offer excellent lighting. For the commercial advertisement like billboards, signboards and to illuminate the roads these fixtures offer the finest solution.    

LED Downlights

These LED downlights are the best option to save energy, turn the place attractive and elegant choice that is available in multiple color choices. It is easy to install and replace that save you from the additional cost.  

LED Recessed Housings

The best LED recessed housings offer a compact arrangement for the LED lights. You can get the new design that offers complete coverage and available with different sizes.

LED Task Path Under Cabinet

You can adjust the under cabinet LED light with this LED task-path under cabinet fixture. It is available in different colors and designed with a high-quality lens sensor. Perfect addition in your kitchen cabinet to give them an impressive outlook.

LED Flush Mount

LED flush mount fixtures are perfect for residential lighting. It offers easy installation and can save from the energy cost and replacement cost as well. Mount flush offers the perfect addition on the ceiling and suits on the walls as well.  

LED Canopy Ceiling/Wall

LED canopy fixture is suitable for both the ceiling and wall. It offers great lighting coverage and usually uses for outdoor or commercial lighting. You can have on in the parking sites, pathway outside the home, on streets, at commercial builders and shops as well. 

LED Bullet Flood Lights

LED bullet flood light is a value-added addition as the security light. Now replace the old fixture with this new one and save yourself from the cost. The design is attractive and the frame is made up of the protective material. The light can stand out in the flood and any weather conditions.  

LED Security Flood Lights

LED security flood lights are perfect fixtures for the street lights, for parking lots, pathways, or even can be installed outside the house. It offers easy installation with durability that makes it appropriate for long term usage.

LED Up/Down Lights

You can have the LED up/down lights at the corridors, in the living area, dining or outside the house. It looks elegant and best fixture for commercial or residential lighting.  

LED Down Wall Lights

LED down wall light is perfect for the house lighting. Replace the old light with the LED light solution that saves you from the cost and offers the energy-saving solution. You can have them in the living area, bedroom, study room or corridors.

Vapor Tight

Vapor tight fixtures are best for the commercial solution. It offers the safety of the light and controls moisture. The perfect to install at the warehouses, cold storage, use in the refrigerators, in subways, and barns as well.  

LED Puck Lights

LED puck lights fixtures are stylish and can be used at house or commercial spaces as well. especially they are designed for offices, homes, hotels, and restaurants. You can have an elegant outlook of your space with the value addition.

LED Decorative Downlights

Improve the LED light beam with the LED decorative downlights. It offers an intense light solution with the sleek design and display. 

LED Light Bars

LED light bars are appropriate for commercial places. They are available in different sizes and colors that offer full coverage.

LED Light Modules

LED light modules offer an easy installation solution. They are durable and offer good environmental support. 

LED Step Light Fixture

LED step light fixtures offer durability and long term support. They are easy to install and best with long term performance. 

Replacement Fixtures Lenses

Almost every LED lighting fixture needs replacement lenses. So, here the options available that almost offers replacement fixtures lenses for every size or type of LED light. 

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Exit & Emergency lighting usually use to display the signs and lighten up at the commercial places. it is perfect for the plazas, garage, commercial buildings, etc.  

LED Tunable Mirror

The LED tunable mirror offers ease and best for the commercial places. it can be used in-home or at beauty parlors.