Diode LED DI-CPCHA-4596 96" Chromapath LED Tape Light 45° Aluminum Channel (2 Pack)

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Diode LED DI-CPCHA-4596 96" Chromapath LED Tape Light 45° Aluminum Channel (2 Pack)

CHROMAPATH® Builder Channels protect and provide light diffusion for indoor LED tape light. CHROMAPATH Builder Channels provide a rigid, dust proof housing that can be mounted on virtually any flat surface. These channels can be custom cut, as well as mounted end to end to any total length. These sturdy but lightweight matte finish anodized aluminum channels are sold in 48 inch, 96 inch and custom-length sections. These channels can help create sleek, completely customized LED tape lighting installations.

The unique track design of the channel means it’s easy to install, and you can make small adjustments to the channel position after installation. Just screw the clips into the surface first, then snap the channel into the clips.

Each channel accommodates a CHROMAPATH Channel Cover (sold separately). Choose a frosted Channel Cover to diffuse and soften the illumination from the LED strip light, or a clear Channel Cover to shield the LED strip light from dust without diffusing the light. This cover is easy to install: just slide it into the existing slot in the CHROMAPATH channel.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Aluminum Finish: Clear anodized aluminum
  • White Finish: White gloss powdercoat
  • Black Finish: Black satin powdercoat
  • Mounting Clip Material: Steel
  • End Cap Material: PVC (Sold Separately)
  • Cover Material: Polycarbonate (Sold Separately)
  • Field Cuttable: Yes
  • Wet Location1: No. See footnote below.
  • Mounting: See Additional Accessories
  • Dimensions: See Mechanical Diagrams
  • Dimensions with Mounting Clips (Square, 45° and Duo): +1/8 in.
  • Warranty: 5 years
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