Things to know about LED light bulbs...

LED LIGHTING: What is an LED? LED Stands for Light Emitting Diode. An LED CHIP is a compact semi-conductor. One or more Chips are wired in the appropriate shape of lamp, combined with a LED Driver and other elements that convert electricity into light. LED PRODUCTS: LED Lighting is available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Standard light bulb shapes, Reflector, PAR, MR, Globe, T8 and T5 Tubes, Decorative, Miniature, Tubular, Light Bars, Might Modules, Retrofi …
Jul 26th 2016 Gladiator Lighting
Gladiator Lighting - New LEDs Added

Gladiator Lighting - New LEDs Added

Newly Added LED Light Bulbs!We have recently added many new LED light bulb products.  Please check out our huge selection.  Save on energy and replacement costs by switching to LED's.
Jul 1st 2016 Gladiator Lighting