Why LED Lighting Is Far Better Than Older Lighting

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Why LED Lighting Is Far Better Than Older Lighting

Why LED Lighting Is Far Better Than Older Lighting

LEDs are taking over the lighting market with renewal in lights and a huge number of reasons. These reasons extend to saving customers some cash in purchase, extended life span, less maintenance requirements and many others that would be discussed in this context.

In recent times, the value of lamps and other traditional lighting are beginning to fall in price and facility managers are seeking a better upgrade to their lighting systems with the use of LEDs. Now, taking close comparison of LEDs with the traditional lighting systems, these are some of the undisputable facts about why LEDs stands ahead of older lighting.

Reasons to choose LED Lighting over Older lighting

In this context, you will find some of the distinguishing factors between a LED lighting and the traditional lighting methods. Also, you will find reasons to choose LED over any other kind of lighting you might be getting exposed to.

Light Lifespan

Undoubtedly, long lifespan is the most significant advantage LEDs has when compared to traditional lighting- which is a good solution for low income earners. On the average, LEDs last between 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours and sometimes more depending on the strength of the LED. This lifespan is 3-4 times better than that of other traditional lighting systems like metal halide and fluorescent while it is 50 times longer than the usual incandescent bulb.

Also, there is a very low rate of possibility that you will have to replace LED lighting as the bulbs do not fail for a very long time. Even if you might have to replace them, it will be with a reduced cost.

Energy Efficiency

It is a well-known truth that LEDs consume very little amount of energy when compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescents. In buttress of the latter, when comparing the efficiency of diverse lighting energy, the statistics to look for and affirm the status is usually called by two terms: useful lumens or luminous efficiency. Each of these terms best describe the amount of light and energy used by each power of unit (watts).

In accordance with reviews from most LED lighting owners and users, it was asserted that virtually all LED lighting retrofit projects produces a result of 65-80% overall improvement in the efficiency of the lighting unit. Contrarily, the savings and improvement could be more than 90%; this depends on kind of LED installed as well as the existing lights.

LED diodes are always small in size

Facts being said, LED diodes are extremely small, this can be attributed to the efficiency in device power. Large power devices are usually as small as a mm while small power devices are less than 1/10 of just one mm; the small size of LEDs makes them highly adaptable to a huge number of other lighting applications.

Usefulness beyond home lighting

The LED lighting has a wide range of uses beyond just lighting your homes and beautifying your living room and bedroom, it serves many other advantages and modes of usage. Some of the wide range uses of LED includes modern mood lighting, commercial property application, traffic signals lighting, residential lighting, stadium lighting, circuit board lighting and many other places of application.

With LEDs safety is assured

The most overlooked advantage which LED lighting has over traditional lighting is safety. The major health threat traditional lighting has when it comes to lighting the room or home is excess emission of heat of which LEDs emits none. One fact that is never visited about bulbs like incandescent lighting is that about 90% of its total energy is used to convert lighting to excess heat while the remaining 10% is the only minimal percentage that lights up the hall- this makes it highly inefficient. That being said, LEDs on the other hand functions and operate effectively based on the fact that they consume less power; they also remain very safe should in case anything goes wrong, there is almost no case of risk of fire outbreak.

LEDs possess terrific Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of the ability light has to show the exact colour of objects and physical things just as when there is a natural light is the source of the lighting- a very high CRI is highly desirable. The best way to appreciate and understand CRI better is to take a close look at lighting from an incandescent or fluorescent and take another close look and comparison with LED lighting you will realise that traditional lighting have almost a monochromatic look due to poor CRI rating.

LEDs are built as Solid-State Lights

All LED lightings are built as solid-state lights. This implies that the old tradition of placing glass bulb around the entire light is very much unnecessary.

LEDs have great Design Flexibility

Due to their small sizes and portability, LEDs can be used in almost all ways you can think of using them. LEDs can be used separately as winy device light, can be combined for a traditional bulb, and can also be taken out in sequentially in a linear fashion. LEDs can just be used in diverse ways you wish to apply them- in regard of their complexity in designs and efficiency in operations.

LEDs have instant switching

LEDs have an instant turning on and off and with no issues at all in the switching process. Unlike traditional lighting, there is no warm-up period and frequent switching does not cause any degradation in the device.

LED Lighting Options

Since there has been a proper exposition on the advantaged of LED lighting as well as many reasons to choose LEDs above traditional lighting, here are some LED lighting options from which you can select from.

3-Way LED

Three-way LED bulbs are light bulbs that possess three brightness settings in place of the usual on and off functions.

Standard Shape A19

The standard shape A19 is designed to provide pattern and appearance of an incandescent bulb- however in a standard way. This kind of bulb fits into the same fixtures and sockets as the ones holding the current lights in your house.

Wet location LED Bulbs

Wet location LED Bulbs means the bulb can be used in any kind of humid outdoor areas where there is huge possibility of water to drop or flow against the fixture or bulb.

LED Tape Lights

LED tape lights are suitable for backlighting and accents around your home or business; this is due to its flexibility and bright colours for accent lamination. Also, LED tape lights are useful for many other applications and can be easily installed.


Noting of the above information, LED light bulbs are obviously the best when it comes to energy efficient lighting with no warm-up time needed. These lights work well in any kind of weather even in the very cold and hot weather since they are properly made from plastic as opposed to traditional light bulbs made from glass.

LED lighting also possess better lighting and more clarity than that of incandescent and fluorescents bulbs while also offering longevity in lifespan. All LED lighting consume less energy, and all these makes it ideal for your home or business beautification and every other uses you wish to.

February 18, 2020
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