Things to know about LED light bulbs...

What is an LED? LED Stands for Light Emitting Diode. An LED CHIP is a compact semi-conductor. One or more Chips are wired in the appropriate shape of lamp, combined with a LED Driver and other elements that convert electricity into light.

LED Lighting is available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Standard light bulb shapes, Reflector, PAR, MR, Globe, T8 and T5 Tubes, Decorative, Miniature, Tubular, Light Bars, Might Modules, Retrofit and Antique. Socket based LED’s are dimmable and non dimmable depending on the product.

What is the perfect light bulb color temperature for you? 2700-3000K is equal to the traditional incandescent warm white glow. The higher the temperature colors 5000K on up will illuminate brighter whites ranging from daylight to cool blue white. Refer to our Kelvin Chart for a basic LED visual of color scale example.

Watts measure the amount of energy used and Lumens (Brightness) measure the amount of light that is being produced. So, how many Lumens do you need?

A standard 60 Watt 120 volt incandescent has approximately 800 Lumens. In order to duplicate the same level of Lumens (Brightness) in an LED, you will have to match the same amount of Lumens or higher to get the same output you did with the 60 Watt Incandescent. The equivalent in an LED would be the 10 Watt 120Volt. Refer to our Lumen Chart below for more examples.

LED Lighting products overwhelming provide superior efficiency, durability and maintenance savings over traditional energy guzzling incandescent lighting.

- LED Technology is also greener in its design, which is both mercury and lead free.

- Long Life Technology = Less Maintenance

- Check with your local utility provider for details of lighting rebate programs and save on your purchase of LED Bulbs.


- Rule of thumb when shopping to replace old lamps with new LED Technology.

- Note the Shape, Wattage, Voltage and Socket Style you are currently using
- Lumens (Brightness) – make sure you have enough Lumens
- Color Temperature – make sure you have enough Lumens
- Color Temperature – make sure you are comfortable with the color

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