Buy The Best LED Strip Lights on The Market Made by Diode LED

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Buy The Best LED Strip Lights on The Market Made by Diode LED

Buy the best LED Strip Lights on the market made by Diode LED @

There is a big change in lighting these days and that is LED products.  In that regard, most of us prefer to have the best lighting system in place that provides excellent lighting with reduced energy costs.  So, when it comes to choosing a particular lighting system, people are going for the flexible LED strip lights.  The usage rate for LED strip lights has risen fast.  Regardless of where you want to use, LED strip lights are everywhere including in residential applications, industrial projects, and commercial projects.  LED strip lights come with efficient energy usage and various color alternatives and ease of installation.  Not to mention the brightness levels are another significant aspect of this type of lighting system.

LED Strip Lights

So, in this article, we are going to talk about what you should consider when choosing LED strip lights.

What to consider when choosing a LED Strip light? 

Analyze the three aspects (Lumen / Color Temperature / CRI):  Lumen, color temperature, and CRI are three most fundamental elements of LED strip lights.

  • Lumen is a brightness measurement, which is visible to the human eye.  Most importantly, this aspect is the significant variable for choosing a LED strip light.  Lumen might be higher or lower as it depends on the level of illumination you needed to light up the house.  So, you must consider lumen output.  If there is no lumen output is shared, you might not be able to identify the brightness level of the light.

  • Color temperature is always the best way to analyze the efficiency of light.  Generally, color temperature is all about the coolness and warmth of the white light.  You have to measure it using Kelvin degrees.  Also, color temperature ranges from cool white to warm white. In that case, the warm lights are more orange or yellow.  On the other hand, cooler lights are white or bluish-white.

  • CRI or the color rendering index is a measurement of how perfectly the artificial light source shows colors.  In comparison to natural light, this index is measured from 0 to 100. The more the CRI the better the color of the light.  In that regard, if the CRI is measured above 80, then that is a very common CRI rating that most people are use to.  A CRI greater than 90 is known as a ‘High CRI’ and it is used for commercial, retail, and art applications where you want your colors to look vibrant.

When choosing a LED strip lights, what voltage should I pick 12V or 24V?

  • Most LED strip lights typically come in either 12 volt or 24 volt applications.  The difference between 12 volt and 24 volt will be the max run size.  Typically 12 volt LED strip lights vs. 12 volt LED strip lights will have shorter max runs because voltage drops based on distance.  The more voltage you have the longer the max runs can be.  So if you need shorter runs then 12 volt might be enough but if you know you need longer runs then 24 volt may be a better option.  Please check LED strip light spec sheets for max run lengths on the item you are reviewing.

Check the wattage consumption rate to get an idea of how efficient the light will be:

  • Checking the wattage consumption rate is of the most significant of all aspects for LED strip lights. Since, our society is moving onto a different direction to lower the power consumption, LED lights have become more popular. So, the wattage consumption rate will tell us how much power the lights are consuming, and it will also reveal how much money you are going to pay for using the lights. This is why you need to check and verify the wattage per foot, meter, and reel of the LED strip lights you are buying.
You might want to put your LED Strip Lights in a channel with a lens cover to protect your lighting investment?

LED Strip Light Channels

How do I know if I'm buying the best quality LED Strip Lights?

  • Visit the manufacturers website to see if they are legit.
  • Check the warranty - if it has a long warranty period 5-7 years or more it is probably an excellent brand and quality.
  • Review the spec sheets and installation guides.  Companies that provide great spec sheets and installation guides most likely are excellent quality.


The bottom line, if you read this article, you must be aware of how important it is to conduct due diligence prior to purchasing of LED strip lights. The thing is if you buy the wrong light, you might have to pay a lot to recover your loss. So, choose wisely and buy a proper LED strip lights that meet all your requirements for the application.  If you have any questions prior to purchasing any of our LED strip lights please give us a call.  Let us know if you want to add to our recommendations by leaving a comment below.

August 14, 2019
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