Lighting / Electrical Accessories - This section contains many of the lighting accessory components needed to complete your project.  We offer fan capacitors, LED dimmer switches, photocells, shorting caps, DC plugs, switches, mounting parts, end caps, controllers, sealing kits, wire, terminal blocks, transmitter / receivers, junction boxes, connectors, cables, DMX, mounting tape, etc.

Lighting Accessories

Are you looking for high-quality lighting accessories?  At Gladiator Lighting, you can find the best quality of lighting accessories.  Here we offer switches, capacitors, LED dimmer switches, DC plugs, controllers, connectors, transmitters, junction boxes are many more.  The wide variety of the lighting accessories all in one place.  If you are looking for a lighting accessories solution for residential purposes, or commercial applications, we’ve got many to choose from.

If the installation is required for new construction building fixtures or you need to repair or change the lighting at the office, home, store, hotels or anywhere, then you can complete the collection of your required accessories right from this one shop solution.

CBB61 Capacitors

CBB61 is the perfect capacitor with the multiple wire options.  It is available with 2, 3, 4 or with 5 wires, a perfect solution for ceiling fans repairs.  They are durable and offer long term support.  If you need to repair the fan, then install a new capacitor and make it work again.  CBB61 capacitors control fan speed and in some cases handles the lighting accessories as well.

Protocells and Shorting Caps

Protocells and shorting caps are highly advanced lighting solutions for the home, office and other commercial properties.  They offer more impactful control over the lighting.  Usually, they are set at the buildings outdoor.  It helps with the light operation by automatically adjust the light level with the day or night light detection.  Get high-quality protocells that are durable and give long-run benefits.

LED Dimmer Switches

LED dimmer switches are a fine option that offers control over the light brightness adjustment.  Other than just switching the light on and off now you can set the intensity as well.  You can get the benefits of the dimmers with easy installation.  They offer sliding features to raise the light, lower light or set the moderate light.  It is perfect for the home lighting solution and offers control over the voltage level as well.

TouchDial Control System

Touchdial control system is a compact full and controlled system over the lighting.  Usually, the system is installed at commercial properties and offers the remote and Wi-Fi control to switch on and off.  Moreover, this advanced technology now using at the homes as well to control the lighting with the remote or with a mobile device.

DC Cables, Connectors & Splitters 

Get your DC cables, connectors, and splitters with the cost-effective rates.  It is a perfect addition to your LED lighting accessories.  Now you can connect or split the main connection as needed for the application.  It is perfect for residential and commercial usage.   

DC Plug-in Adapters

DC plug-in adapter is a must-have accessory that is widely used at home, office or even at the commercial places like shop, etc.  Simply plug into a wall and connect to your lighting application and it will regulate voltage, etc.

Mounting Accessories 

At Gladiator Lighting, you can find mounting accessories for the projects need.

Power Distribution Boxes

Power distribution boxes allow you to set the lighting management and solution most appropriately.  It helps to manage the voltage and current stream.  It can use at home or for offices as well.  

LED Lighting Controller

LED lighting controller offers control over the LED lights.  Need to switch on, off, dim or adjust the light?  With the controller, you can manage the things with a single touch.  It is best for the commercial properties, but now commonly use at home and office as well.

Conductor Wire

Conductor wire for LED lighting offers the best voltage coverage and is cost and energy-efficient. 

Occupancy Sensor

These sensors allow you to save energy by turning off the lights when not in use and turning them on when someone walks into to room.  This is a very cost effective lighting solution to help reduce energy costs.

Electrical Switches

Choose the most effective and durable electrical switches for the home and commercial applications.  Simple on/off switches for many LED products we offer.

Transmitter and Receivers

These receivers and transmitters are commonly used for DMX applications.  The help with the communication between devices and have long ranges are unobstructed.

Under-Cabinet Connector

Looking for the under-cabinet lighting solution?  Get the under-cabinet fixture connectors and make the light connection free from open joints.  It’s a great feature for longer runs of fixtures in one line.

Hydrolume Slim Accessories

For the fine connection solution, Hydrolume slim accessories are available in many configurations.  It includes mounting brackets, channels, high-end caps, connectors, X-connectors, T-connectors, I connectors and L connectors to make the lighting joint durable and safe.

Strip Light Sealing Kits

Ensure your lighting is watertight with this sealing kit from Gladiator Lighting.  If you cut your wet listed tape light you will need this to seal that area from water getting into to unit and this is perfect for that application.

Mounting Tape

Mounting tape is an additional and necessary requirement for mounting led strip lights.  It helps to offer a strong fixing solution for the lighting.  So, make the installation and other fixings effectively with the mounting tape.  


At you can find multiple LED lighting accessories that are required for your application.  If you are looking for any lighting accessories to complete a job please look at what we have to offer as you might be exactly what you are looking for to complete the task.